April 7, 2020

Catholic For Life

Preaching the Santity of Human Life and the Gospel Message


Life embraces different types of preparations. Preparation to get an education, acquire a skill, begin a business, become a celibate, get married, have children, build a house, buy a car, occupy a prestige position, rise to fame, make a meaningful journey of destiny… are well accommodated in life’s room of preparations. We often here people say they are preparing for any of the afore shortlisted preparations above. It is a beautiful thing to prepare well as failure to plan or poor preparation is often a pre-planned failure.

However, there is a preparation that comes with a divine knowledge. The Psalmist prayed that the Lord might make him know the shortness of life that he might gain wisdom of heart (Psalm 90:12).

One is old enough to die as soon as one is born. Nothing explains our daily existence but God’s gift of life. Life is short and precarious. Hence, to live mundanely forgetting eternity is the greatest mistake one can ever make.

It is wise to include in our respective life’s preparation diary’s; the preparation for death. Though it may seem frightening or strange, I tell you; it is one of the wisest thing to do! How do one make this wise preparation?

Dear, the consciousness that this minute of one’s existence may actually be one’s last is the foundation of the wise preparation for death. The foundation of the wise preparation succinctly stated above suggests strongly that one lives every moment in sincere love of God and neighbor.

Today we are here, tomorrow we are gone. We must prepare to go well.


Fr. Abiagom Augustine CM 

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