There was a story told about a certain family who had only two sons. Perhaps, they are poor family. The family was unable to send them to school, but had this uncle who is very wealthy and deals on motor spare parts in Lagos. He’s a very promising man with his family too with him.
After so many efforts, their last hope was to sought for their uncles aid. The whole discussion boiled down for the two boys to serve their uncle in his shop for six years after which he settles them to be independent. The deal was signed and they began their work as quickly as possible. In their uncle’s house, the two guys were subjected to do all the house chores, and even go extra length of doing some menial works. All these works were done without proper feeding and care. They often go starved. Their uncle had no love and sympathy shown them. In everything, he’d still instruct them to be in the shop half past seven in the evening. All they did without complaint and argument.

Fast forward to six years, they were happy that at least they’d leave from the hands of their ruthless uncle. It was then that their uncle told them that their six years has been cancelled and he didn’t see any efforts they had made that’d merit them settlement. After a long talk, they two struggling boys had to accept for another six years.

At long last, six extra years, came to their uncle like six useless weeks. He insisted he’d not settle them, owing to his selfish interest they have not done enough for him. In all, it was clear to them that their uncle doesn’t want their success. They spent a futile twelve years, still paupers.

This story is as similar to the story of the rich man and Lazarus. The relationship between the two boys and their uncle, was just like a master-servants relationship. Sometimes, you feel like some of these stories aren’t real. But they are. Their are people who in their affluence, don’t want to assist others to survive. They’d like to be the boss so that everyone would come to worship them. They would like to give out orders and instructions to the detriment of others. They don’t mind what the next person is struggling with. They are too egocentric that they put more regards to themselves than others.

One of the beautiful quotes of Napoleon Hill says ” there is but one dependable method of accumulating and legally holding riches, and that’s by rendering useful service. Giving is a strong virtue that only few posses. It’s intrinsic. It is a natural flow that comes spontaneously. There is a joy one has when he sees that he’s meeting up to the needs of others. Riches are beautiful when the purpose of it is not abused. It’s main aim is to satisfy human wants. It is through giving that you’d come to receive. Once you’re a good giver, you’d definitely receive directly or indirectly.

Francis Bacon, in one his books on finance made an amazing comment that strongly became my philosophy of life. He said ” not he who have much is rich, but he who gives much”. Absolutely correct! That statement simply indicate that in the world of riches, it’s not how much you’ve gotten in your different bank accounts but how well have you run to the needs of another. How many have you elevated from poverty. How may have you changed their financial status. How many have you challenged to start doing something resourceful. How many?
Most of what we see those in the government doing, are devoid of what it ought to be. Elect the one you maybe thinking is a saint. When he goes there, he embezzle the tax payers money and it’s then that we would know that the love of having increases by having. It is good we know that riches are of good handmaid, but remain the worst mistress.

If some of what we read and hear actually influence us, the story of the two boys and their uncle wouldn’t have been a repeated issue. We read our Bibles. We attend to different scriptural churches, yet the gravity of misfortune, hatred, envy, avarice etc, suppress the power of love, tranquility and equity. There’s one thing that got me thinking in the story of the rich man and Lazarus. Even when the rich man is seeing Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham, he doubted the possibility and still insist that Lazarus should take the pains and deep his finger and SERVE him water to quench his thirst?

When the world’s think that you’re poor, tell them that you’re rich in Christ Jesus.

-Princewell Okwuoha.

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