HOMILY THEME: God’s patience and care knows no bound yet we are insensitive.

BY: Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf


HOMILY: READINGS: Num. 11: 4-15, Ps. 81, Mt. 14: 13-21

God has some qualities to our favour that are so wonderful, humanly unthinkable and difficult for us to emulate. He is so patient and forbearing. He is so accommodating and understanding that he does not quickly show his anger and even if he does so, he quickly relents. The story of God’s dealing with the people of Israel and even our attitude towards him prove these qualities of God. God in his love and care to Israel was never appreciated as they kept complaining and insulting him together with the one he has chosen. When they were hungry they did not take it easy with God and Moses, after giving them manna- food of the angels they quickly detested it and it was loathsome and they refused it and spoke ill of God and Moses and regretted where God has lead them. They wanted to go back to Egypt and not to stay where God wants them to be nor continue in their journey. Despite this attitude God still was patient with them and neglected their attitude and went ahead to provide them their new need. This caring and patient attitude of God is such that marvel humanity because we cannot do such for anybody. He does not pay us according to our iniquities or what we deserve.

Behold his Son Jesus Christ who is also like his Father doing the same with the people of the New Testament. He observes the needs of the people and he understands the urgency and that they have no solution for it and he intervened. Jesus is so caring and patient with us like his Father. Today he asked us to emulate him in those qualities especially being sensitive to the needs of others and doing something to alleviate others’ problems. He asked the Apostles to give them some help, to show love, care and concern. For the Apostles, they had excuses to give which seems so genuine. The place after all is a lonely place perhaps nobody sells there and the crowd was huge and no enough money to care for them. If we want more excuses we shall get yet Jesus refused to send them away in their needs as suggested by the Apostles. The Apostles may have hoped to take care of their own needs with the five loaves and two fish, in this situation, selfishness was the order and only option for the apostles. Jesus teaches us today to learn how to feel the needs of others and do something no matter how little it may be. When we do the little our ability can carry he will compliment and complete it to make it abundant. Jesus asks us today to do something about the plight of the other, to forget our own problems and lend a helping hand to ameliorate other people’s bad condition. If we start, he will support and perfect it. By doing so, both ourselves and the people will never be in want but be too satisfied as to have some left over from the flow of his grace and blessing.

Let us not behave like the people of Israel who are ungrateful and uncharitable in the use of words. Let us be considerate and speak in a manner that shows appreciation of the good efforts of others in our lives. Let us not worry our leaders to death with unsatisfying heart and our insatiable needs. Let us learn to be contented with what we have and manage it till God intervenes. Our needs should not make us unreasonable in thought, words and deeds. May the Lord never abandon us in our needs due to stubbornness of our hearts rather may the Lord subdue our foes and problems and rescue us whenever we call upon him, Amen.

Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf,

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