BY: Fr Emmanuel Nwokeji.


HOMILY: Today is the Pentecost Sunday;
The feast of the weeks. The feast of 50 days (After Easter/Passover).
The feast that commemorates the giving of the Toral at mount Sinai to Moses.
The feast of pilgrim (Deut.16:16-17).
The feast of the Harvest.

The feast of the First Fruit offering (Lev. 23:20). The Holy Spirit came on this day offering of first fruits as the First Fruit of the believers. Those who gathered in the Church then were also the first fruits of the full harvest of all believers to come after.

The disciples of Jesus before the feast of Pentecost were in lockdown. This lockdown came as a result of fear. Fear of the Jews who killed their Master Jesus Christ. If the Jews can killed Jesus who is both divine and human, who performed many undeniable healing and natural miracles. Then, what of them who are his followers with human frailties. The Jewsphobia led the disciples into a hiding place. Many of us experienced a lot of fear during our childhood stage. At the beginning of new religion, new produce, new market, new family, new administration etc. There is always fear of continuity. Will this new innovation last?.

Due to division both in the international and local level, every international and local body is a suspect. Since evil is increasing in the society, every individual has become a suspect of evil perpetrator. In this situation what shall we do?

We pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the world casts fear, but the Spirit of God dispels the fear. Fear can lock us down, fear can mal our future, fear can disorganize our orientation about life, fear can stop the follow of God’s protection, blessing, grace, peace of God.

The Spirit from above is the gift of God that can dispel every fear. God and His angels signal courage at every encounter. While devil signals fear.

May the Holy Spirit of God; the Spirit of Pentecost lead us from every fear and evil. Also, may the Pentecost Spirit save us from the Jews in our families, villages, communities and state. May the Jews causing terror in our lives and surrounding with any diabolical material be arrested and held in captivity by God.

Happy Pentecost Sunday.

Fr Emmanuel Nwokeji.


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