BY: Fr. Emmanuel Nwokeji.


HOMILY: Welcome to the Second Sunday of Lent in Year A. Sunday that calls for shedding or molting of our skin like snake through a process of what the scientists call Ecdysis. Snakes shed their skins to allow for further growth and to remove parasite that may have attached to their old skin. The same shedding is good to be appropriated into our spiritual journey.

Today, the Holy Mother Church invites us to transcend above our deformed environment, negative altitude and daily blind life routine. Old skin is not good for a new bubbling wine. Old cloth is not attach to the new cloth. If so, there will be outburst of the skin and worst tearing of the clothing.

Responding to God’s invitation demands surrendering of our old self. We surrendered our first old self at Baptism after which we are called to sacred priesthood, religious life or holy matrimony.

Abram; the father of chosen people left the old environment (Haran) to embrace a new environment (Canaan) that will enable God’s agenda to find fulfilment in his life and lives of the chosen people. When the environment is not godly, God’s plan and reign may not descend. When a superior voice calls to leave the old environment, it is for the fulfilment of God’s plan in you.
As Christians call like Abram, those who bless us are blessed. Those who curse us are cursed.
Jesus went up to the mountain to listen to the voice of God. To know if setting his face towards Jerusalem is God’s will for him. What we wish to do or do always is it God’s will for us?. Jesus remained sinless because he has no will than the will of his Father. If you have any other will or plan not from God for you, be ready to fall into fall into sin.

Peter was overwhelmed with the glory God, opting for three booths. He was erring in placing Moses and Elijah in the same level with Christ. Christ is the one to whom Moses and Elijahpointed. But the voice of Father interrupted while Peter was still speaking “listen to Him”.
As you listen to Jesus Christ who is the Word of God ( Dei Verbum), may God’s words of blessing find fulfilment in you and your family. Amen.

Abrahamic blessings will follow you now and always.

Happy Sunday!

Fr. Emmanuel Nwokeji.

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