HOMILY THEME: God treats your case differently with special love and interest.

BY: Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf


HOMILY: READINGS: Exodus 2: 1-15, Ps. 69, Matthew 11: 20-24 Our Lady of Mt Carmel
In life cases can be similar and many people’s case can be treated the same way. There can be a general rule that should apply to everybody and all may be subjected to the same treatment. In the case of God, rules can differ and exceptions can be made. In spiritual matter and relationship with God, things do not follow general rule for we are all different and mean differently before God who treats us as individuals and not as a group with similar measures. In the case of Moses in the first reading, God had a different approach to him; what was applicable as a law for all male born of the Hebrews changed and he was treated differently. When God has a necessary mission for a particular person that only him must accomplish, he makes sure that nothing obstructs it. He gives extra-ordinary grace to see the accomplishment of his plans and the destruction of all human and diabolic forces militating against it. God is the only Being that can be feared and respected since he alone has the power to do whatever he wills and nothing can work against him or his plans. If God says yes, nobody or forces can say No and whatever God wills that would not happen cannot be done by any power because he is the final arbiter and decider of every circumstance.

Beloved, does it not marvel you that all the male born Hebrews within the period of the evil edict of the Pharaoh that does not know Joseph met with death?. Moses was born within the same period when the law was under enforcement and was to apply in his case; but because he is not like others and has a unique mission that only him must accomplish, God had to uphold his own destiny. It is important to fall into the unique plans of God and be seen differently from others in the eyes of God; this must be the prayer of every Christian. I will not due to the case of Moses pray that God should treat me like others or do unto me what he does for others. I am a unique creature with a unique purpose and mission and expect a unique treatment by God in the best of my interest. I am in this world for a unique mission and shall cooperate with God to see that mission accomplished.

Beloved, see how the house of Pharaoh that made the rule to kill all males born of Hebrews became in the case of Moses the same house that saved the life of Moses. It was not just all but that the daughter of Pharaoh knows that he is the son of a Hebrew woman and yet decided to spare his life. Again, it was the mother that was commissioned and paid to take care of Moses. The responsibility of the fearful and poor parents to train him was now made to rest on the house of the King and be treated like a Prince. He was a prince of God in disguise and the Holy Spirit made him be treated thus. When you become a special person for God your case is treated with special care. Your enemy can be used by God to protect your fortune and bring about the fulfilment of your destiny.

Beloved, there is something very important here. As the Lord makes you his special case showing special interest in you, you must rise up to the challenge of your special duty and fulfilling that special mission. Moses grew up and did not allow the luxury he enjoyed in the house of the King to deceive him or make him abandon his mission of being the messiah of his people. He swung into action and started adjudicating for his people that he was sent. He did not wait for any other special call like his encounter at the burning bush but realized his mission and took it up immediately. This is why in the gospel it becomes relevant to take the reaction of Jesus seriously. Jesus upbraided the people who received such favours than others. You are one of them who have received special privilege from God. Woe to you Chorazin and Bethsaida for if the mighty works done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented. What of you Capernaum if Sodom and Gomorrah received the type of special grace you received, they would not have been destroyed. These statements show displeasure, regrets and disappointments of Jesus on the part of those who were specially favoured than others. Think of the favours you have received from God which others did not yet they live better than you while you mess up; God is disappointed with you and angry. You are to do something about it and make God not to regret what he did for you.

Beloved, may we who have entered the waters of the deep where the flood of life overwhelmed us and in his great mercy he answered us begin to behave differently. May the Lord treat my case differently with special love and grant me his unfailing salvation; may God listen to my cries and never spurn me in my desperation and needs, Amen.

Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf

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