BY: Fr Augustine Opara


HOMILY: (AMOS 7:12-15; EPHESIANS 1:3-14; MARKS 6:7-13)

God’s calling goes through all readings of this day. We hear about how God chooses people for particular missions within the Church and about how God choses everyone we believe to bear witness to Him. By our baptism, each of us is called to assume this same role and to be a priest, king and prophet. We are called to be priests because we are called to intercede for others. We are called to be kings because we are called to serve others. We are called to be prophets because the word of God must be proclaimed by us For most of us it is clear that we are not kings in the normal sense of that word, but with the understanding that royalty is really about serving others, then we can recognize that true royalty is given to all who serve to others and seek their well and well being.

Most of us have no meaning to be called. We are very similar to the Prophet Amos, going on our own business and doing what we have to do to earn a living and get along in life. The fundamental question to ask is; Is there anything in my life that prevents me from giving time to God or testifying Him in my daily activities? For example, could I be so involved with my phone, social media, computer or gaming that I don’t have time to pray or even go to Church on Sunday? Could these take the time you might need to visit a sick family member or a person in need Where do we spend our time or our money The focus of our time or money will tell us what our God is and what is important in our life.

In second reading Paul says: We are called, we have been chosen. why? For His glory, for the praise of His glory. We can truly be transformed when we recognize that each of us is chosen. Faith hasn’t just ′′ passed ′′ us. No, we’ve been chosen by gods free choice and we must respond to that calling, that choice. We have heard the word of truth, the gospel of our salvation, and we have believed in it and have been sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.

The Gospel speaks about the expulsion of the apostles. You and I are disciples of Jesus as much as they do and we know much more about him than before that first Easter. Since we have been given more and we understand more, we will be taken to a higher level. What God expects of us today is essentially the same as it has always been: that we preach conversion with our lives, that we proclaim the truth with courage, that we heal the sick with a healing love.

Therefore, to succeed in Christ’s mission, we must beware of worldly attachment to anything that may distract us from fulfilling God’s purpose and willingness to choose us. Sadly, most of us have lost our mission’s focus by disobeying Christ’s instructions This is what growth in Christ means; striving to achieve the primary purpose of being holy, flawless and loving and also, going out to help others achieve it. This is what it means to be missionary and develop a missionary spirit. In order for this to be possible, we must not be selfish and love must move us to invite others to share our experience. Therefore, we must behave like an ant that finds a piece of food and invites others to share food with him.

My brothers and sisters, Jesus suggests amazing patience of practical spirituality. You won’t be able to force people. It’s only with the people you want to reach, live with them as one of them, help as much as you can, some of them will respond and others won’t. If you don’t, remember it’s not about you. Just keep going and keep going. God’s choice of us was not a product of chance, but a deliberate act. This Sunday, the church provides us with a great opportunity to ask ourselves these very pertinent questions: ′′ What is God’s purpose to choose me as His messenger and, I am fulfilling this purpose?”

Fr Augustine Opara

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