BY: Fr. Christian Eze



1st reading – Amos 7:12-15               2nd reading – Eph 1:3-14             Gospel – Mk 6:7-13

I may not know exactly, but let’s call it survival instinct. I mean that which makes one naturally seek to save oneself from whatever would threaten to cause one discomfort of whatever sort. Hunger causes discomfort, so does exposure to danger whether threatened by nature or human element. Who would not bother about what to eat tomorrow? Who would comfortably set out on a journey without thinking of the means except those moments when one has nothing else to do than to say: I resign to FATE? Which normal person would be comfortable when there is nothing to cover his/ her nakedness or appear unkempt in public? Who would learn that a particular location is not safe and would not think of the most successful way to face it or avoid it? No wonder it is said that the basic human needs include food, clothing, and shelter. Yet, the above needs are what Jesus asked the disciples whom He sent on mission in today’s gospel never to bother about. It is not just to punish or teach them mortification. Rather, it could be seen as more of teaching them reliance on Divine Providence.

Reliance on Divine Providence is a state of mind, or disposition whereby one lives in a certain peace of mind, not worrying oneself to harm with a conviction that God will provide. I recall the event of Abraham going to offer sacrifice to God (Gen. 22:7-8). Isaac correctly noticed that something vital was lacking. He got worried just as anyone could get worried. Imagine you going to the market to make a purchase of something vital and you have money with you. Imagine you getting an admission into the higher institution but you have nothing to pay even acceptance fee. Imagine you setting out to make a long journey, there is no fuel in your car neither do you have money in your pocket. Abraham knew all these fears, yet he had the courage to say: God will provide. The reality of Divine Providence is seen in Abraham when exactly at the hour it was needed, the ram came, perfectly provided by God.

What makes the difference which ought to be the cause of fear is: who sent you? We may be familiar with the proverb that says: with a foot slam (fearlessly) he forces the door open, one who has gone sent by his father. As in the case of Abraham, it was God who sent him to offer the sacrifice. As in the gospel of today, it was Jesus who sent his disciples. No wonder these were confident that the one who sent them is capable. Once I know that I am not on a mission that is my personal mission, I should be confident that if it is God who sent me, same God will provide for the mission. This brings peace of mind. Who sent you into this world? If you are convinced that God did, then believe that you are not on a mission that is your own. As such, He who sent you is capable. This is the foundation. Others that we build on it include every other thing that concerns our lives on earth namely: our marriage, our feeding, our schooling, our child-bearing, our housing, our traveling, our job and so on. Any of these and others which I undertake IN LINE WITH GOD’S WILL, I must not be afraid. God the owner of the mission that we undertake, will surely provide.

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