HOMILY THEME: How much is enough for you?

BY: Fr. Benny Tuazon


HOMILY: (Lk. 12:13-21) Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
In today’s Godpel Jesus gives a lesson on greed. He told a disturbing story of one who tried to insure his future by storing instead of sharing his bountiful produce. He received the bad news on the night that he thought he had secured himself that he would die and thus not able to savor what he saved.

Possessions are not what defines life. We need to share the goods of the earth. God gave us gifts not for ourselves but for the service of the community. We can only consume and use so much. We tend to over secure our future that we deprive our present. We tend to forget that tomorrow may never come. I have known of a lot of people who worked so hard, deprive themselves of a lot of things, save what they can, and retire using only the interests of their savings. Many of them die leaving so much unused riches. They failed to spend them according to how God wanted them to be spent. The heirs were left to decide for it. The opportunity to be of service to others was lost.

There is nothing wrong with preparing for the future but not at the expense of the present. The attitude of possessing and possessing or better called greed, must be curtailed. The greedy is never contented. It is a question of attitude towards things rather than the quantity of things wanted. Human wants have been proven to be insatiable. Our wants increase progressively that they tend to enslave us. It should be the reverse. Wants are normal but we must manage them to our advantage.

A story is told about how Eskimos catch some Alaskan wolves. They use two-edged knives with frozen blood. They look like ice drops ready to be eaten. The catch is for the wolves to lick them. The licking is expected to become vigorous as the frozen blood is thawed. Later, without the wolves knowing, when the frozen blood had been consumed, they were already licking their own blood which comes from their slit tongue. Due to the cold weather, they could not notice it. Slowly, the wolves become weak and die due to the lost of too much blood. Greed took its toll on them.

That is what greed will do to us. Possessions can only satisfy us to a point. In the end, only One can only satisfy us and He is God! Also, as the story says, we will never know when our life will be demanded. We may not be able to savor the results of our greed. We have squandered our time to gain riches for heaven.

How much is enough for us? God should be our enough!





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