BY: Fr. Christian Eze


First reading – Is. 62:1-5
Second reading – I Cor. 12:4-11
Gospel – Jn. 2:1-11

Like every other thing God created, wine is created for a purpose. Quite striking among these purposes is its role in gladdening the hearts of men as we find written in the books of the Bible “… and wine to gladden the heart of man” – Ps. 104:15 “…the vine answered: … producing my wine that makes gods and men happy” – Judges 9:13, “… and wine makes you happy”- Eccl. 10:19,“… let them drink [wine] and forget their poverty and unhappiness” – Prov. 31:7. These examples correctly show wine as the source of gladness in the sense of which they have been presented. Surely, marriage is a celebration that ought to radiate joy. It is not wrong then that the presence of wine in such a celebration brings gladness to the hearts of those for whom it has been meant. Its absence on the other hand would either dwindle or knock off completely the expected joy which ought to exist in such a celebration. And this was to be the situation at the marriage feast in Cana save the timely intervention of the mother of Jesus.

What an observing, caring and “powerful” woman! I know; the gospel of today – the miracle of wine at Cana is such that elicits arguments on the sinfulness of moderate drinking. While those who are for, would gladly hit that Jesus produced over 120 gallons of wonderfully brewed alcoholic drink for the wedding, thereby approving of its moderate use, those against would argue that Jesus produced a non-alcoholic grape juice (though whether fermented or unfermented nobody ascertains). Unfortunately, I have not chosen to waste the whole of today only on this argument. At any rate, a line which strikes me today is the words of the Mother of Jesus to her trusted and reliable Son, Jesus – “Son they have no wine” These words of Mary to her Son could be identified as an informative statement indicating a lack of something very vital of which continued absence would have deplorable effects on the possessing subjects.

As such, it has an intrinsic call for an urgent action to be taken in order to get it provided and ensure that an ugly situation does not set in. Yours may not be wine in its real sense. But I think whatever plays the role of bringing such divinely approved gladness in your life becomes your wine. The end of every struggle in this life is gladness of heart; yes, to be happy. My point is that at this moment, many people’s wine is long finished. He has all who has real happiness, but he has lost all who has lost his happiness. Has your wine finished? Thank God for the revelations today of how we can comfortably restore what we have lost, the presence of the Mother of Jesus. It could have been a pity if Jesus was invited to that wedding and his mother was not. They could have lost the gladness of heart when it was mostly needed.

What it more, the Blessed Virgin Mary knows when your wine is exhausted and you may not know it. The main issue is, invite her into your life and acknowledge her Motherly presence. Your gladness would be restored; yes, you would be happy once again. O Mary Mother of intercessors, Pray for Us.


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