Being More Accommodating When People Offend Us

Judge not. No one is perfect, neither is there anyone who has not sinned. Often times, we expect so much from people and cry foul when things go wrong. We sometimes judge others based on our own strengths and weaknesses. Forgetting that people are different and people have different capacities.

With this mentality, we even holding grudges for ages over sins that we ourselves have committed at some point knowingly or unknowingly.

When we have understood that no one is perfect and anybody is capable of anything, only then would we learn to let go of things quickly, and be more understanding of others. Rather than feeling bitter over irrelevant things.

Sometimes we curse those who offend us, but we forget that God is a just God. That punishment we invoked on one of God’s own would definitely apply to us if we are at any point, (either in the present or the past) found guilty of the same sin. Even if we are not guilty of that particular sin, how about the thousand other times we committed taboos before God?

We need to sit up and learn to let go of things. When your brother offends you, forgive him. When he does something wrong, don’t hold it against him, because the same way we feel about it, is the same way God feels about the numerous sins we commit against Him.

So we should learn to be more understanding of our neighbours and be more accommodating. Nobody is perfect so expect little from people. Stop holding grudges and cursing because you yourself have made God feel worse at some point.

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