Stop Worrying And Allow God Do The Thinking

Sometimes we get to a point in our lives where nothing seems to be working out, and we feel weighed down by uncertainties and worries. In the face of this, all we need do is prepare. Opportunities would definitely come at some point, but how prepared would we be? The men you see today riding in big cars and living in mansions, most of them started with nothing. Majority of them slept hungry at some point while others had only one good cloth. But at some point, gradually, things started to fall into place. Although it took a while, but they eventually found their place and became successful.

God thinks about you. He sees you struggling. He sees the efforts you make. They are all a part of the journey to the top. The journey to the top isn’t really a straight road. It’s rocky and a bit confusing. Only the persistent and focused ones usually get there in due time.

So focus on wherever you want to be. As long as you have a dream, you can achieve it. Just have a plan, pray about it and work towards it. You would get whatever it is you want. As long as deep within you, it’s your passion and you want it, God would bless you and help you achieve it; after all you are His child and He cares about you. He might even decide to give you something better! Something you least expected, something you’ll be more excited about.

So stop worrying and allow God do the thinking. He’ll let everything fall into place. He’ll work all the wonders and make you marvel with joy at His goodness. The Lord will bless you beyond your expectations. He will bless you despite all odds. The Lord would make you marvel at His goodness and glory. He’ll fill your heart and mouth with thanksgiving. The lord is not asleep, He is alive and able. He will bless even your tiniest efforts with outstanding success.

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