Among the numerous realities in life is the ‘FALL REALITY’. A child crawls, stands and falls before he or she is able to take steps of imperfect movements which is perfected as the movement becomes regular.

A child who refuses to stand after falling will not walk. Sometimes, finding oneself on the ground despite much willingness and effort to remain standing may tend to discourage one from standing ever again.

Those who hunger for righteousness are blessed. Standing sincerely after falling into sin unwillingly depicts the hunger for righteousness which will bring about exaltation if one moves on with faith, hope and love.

Addiction to one bad habit or another is a burden to many. Giving up on oneself with relation to the addiction makes one a slave unto eternal damnation. But getting up today and continuing one’s movement trusting in God’s merciful love and making genuine effort to removing the ‘SIN LINK’ is what ought to be done. Get up and move dear.

-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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