God Is Perfect, He Loves And Listens To Even Sinners

Unlike us humans, God is perfect. Even though you commit the worst atrocities, He still loves you. Even though you have killed, He still listens eagerly to your prayers of remorse. He still forgives. Although, He is a God of justice, He is merciful. Even though you have slept with 150 men, He still listens to every single sigh that you make. Even though you ignorantly killed innocent children, He still looks out for you. He thinks about you.

Even the wicked who work with the devil to make God’s children suffer, He looks at them with pity. Because they are ignorant and do not understand what they are doing. He pities them because they ignorantly gave up their priceless heavenly possessions to become the devil’s slaves. He pities them because His own creatures whom He died for have become tools in the devil’s hands.

God wants you to know today that no matter your sins He cares about you. There is nothing new under the eyes of the sun. There is nothing that God has not seen or heard, nothing is new to Him. Even though your sins are as countless as the stars, God still thinks about you. He still listens to you. The only thing God expects from us sinners is true repentance.

As long as you have repented of your sins and have confessed them, God forgives you. Your past becomes history, and they can no longer stand against you before God.

It is good however to continuously do penance for the sins which we have committed, that we may be thoroughly free from the punishments due to those sins.

My father once told me that he wronged his father when he was younger, and to avoid the punishment due to that sin, he offered up each day, for over thirty years, Stations of the Cross in reparation for that one sin.  “God said; honour your father and mother that your days may be long. This invariably means that when you do not honour them, the promise of long life no longer holds for you” This was what he told me. So that was why He continued doing penance for many years to avoid that punishment.

My point is that God wants us to make such conscious efforts in our lives. How many times have we even paid cognisance to such details as consequences of our sins. It is wiser to live consciously. This way, when things begin to go wrong, you at least have an idea about where it’s coming from.

Charity in my opinion is the best form of penance one could do. Because charity is love, and love is sacrifice, and God loves sacrifices. Being repentant is not enough, be charitable towards those around you, Jesus is within them. And when you are good to them, you are good to Jesus. Imagine the joy and gratitude in God’s heart when He knows that you offered up your food that His beloved son may eat.

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