The peace that Jesus gives is the type that is not dependent on wealth, health, or luxury. The peace that Jesus gives is heavenly and nothing on earth can compare to it. No matter what a person has, if God’s peace is not with him, he’ll remain restless and dissatisfied.

This peace usually comes when a person has complete trust and confidence in God’s love and mercy. When a person understands that God takes care of his children and nothing would go wrong, he is peaceful. A peaceful man is like a child. When he cries, he knows that he would be heard, and fed. All he needs do is cry. All we need do is pray. Children have nothing to worry about, their parents or guardians do all the thinking and worrying, all they need do is cry.

In the same way, we should trust God in this manner. Stop worrying and start trusting. Also understand that you and your brother are not the same, you didn’t come to earth to serve the same purposes. Stop comparing yourself to others. Learn to be content with what you have. He might have millions and you don’t. It doesn’t mean God loves him better. Neither does it mean he is in any way better than you. God has His own reasons for everything. If you are in anyway uncomfortable about anything going on in your life, talk to God about it, offer prayers and sacrifices to God regarding issues; but never let these problems weigh you down or take away your peace. Pray trustingly, and understand that God hears you. Prayers through the saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary are also really effective too.

Ultimately though, only God gives true peace. And this peace usually comes when you’re free from sin and free from the guilt of sin. A man whose conscience is clear has nothing to fear. Even in the face of death, he smiles and is content. A man with a clear conscience prays well, with no guilt or despair weighing him down.

The Holy Spirit gives this peace. Even when a man’s next meal is not certain, even when he is a beggar on the street, even when he is weighed down with ill health, as long as the Holy Spirit is present, he is at peace, and not a single worry weighs him down. Because he is right with God and God constantly communes with him in his heart.

Naturally, the things that should make us worry is the absence of Jesus in our hearts. Or the fact that God is unhappy with us. This is the only thing that should make us restless. Any other restlessness is not of God because every other thing is irrelevant and we ought to be more trusting. God takes care of His children. All you need do is ask persistently, believe, and wait.


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