Thank You My Dearest Saviour For Thinking Of Me

My heart is on fire for you my God. My heart is filled with a burning fire of love and thanksgiving. I am overwhelmed by your unending love for me. I who am so unworthy and undeserving of your love. Thank you for preserving me till this day. Thank you for thinking about me and helping me in this life journey. I am humbled by your unending love for me. Who am I that you should think of me? I have forsaken you a thousand times. I am inconstant and filled with so much frailty and flaws, yet you love me, and you think about me.

The other day I totally ignored your instructions and succumbed to the whining of my flesh, and I got burned and regretted it. Thank you for teaching me that the world and all its beauty is not worth even one of the many treasures which you have stored up for me in heaven. Thank you for reprimanding me whenever I fall. Thank you my sweet saviour for keeping me restless whenever I’m in sin. Thank you my God for making peace elude me whenever you are absent.

Thank you for teaching me that you are most present in the poor and suffering. Thank you for making me understand how beautiful my body and soul is even though the world criticizes me. Thank you for making me victorious in all the spiritual battles and war fares. By your special grace, I have always been victorious. Thank you for making me a terror to the demon. Thank you for fighting for me. Thank you for giving me the faith to understand that you would never abandon me.

Thank you my dearest saviour for always thinking of me. I promise never to fail you. I promise to bring glory to you in all that I do. I renounce the devil and his evil ways. I promise you, that by your special grace, I shall be a source of light and courage to other Christians around me. Through the power of your Holy Spirit working through me, may the whole world learn about your holy ways and come to love and worship you in truth and in spirit. Amen.

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