Ash Wednesday reminds us that this world and everything in it passes away. It reminds us that we are dust and we shall return to dust.

Ash Wednesday reminds our vain selves that our beautiful skin, no matter how gloriously adorned, is nothing but sand. When a man dies, he gradually turns into mere sand. Nothing remains of him, and animals feast on his flesh and bones until it decomposes.

We really are nothing. The wealth we are all struggling for can be taken away from us by a single sigh from Christ. We own nothing, God owes us nothing, and we are leaving here with nothing. The ultimate goal and final destination is heaven, so why sell your heavenly rights for earthly vanities?

Today reminds us that this world is not our home, it is a foolish thing to get carried away.

What is there to be proud about? Your beautiful hair, our soft skin, or fancy clothes and houses? They will all stop existing any moment. It could as well be now, no one knows.

Don’t get carried away chasing irrelevant things at the expense of heavenly beauties. Spend time adoring the beauty of God’s creations. While you’re here, marvel at the oceans He created, the mountains, think about how plants grow naturally, marvel at the beauty of humans and their astonishing varieties, but do not get carried away by them.

Spend more time in solitude, adoring God in his wonderful creations, but do not get carried away by them. This world is passing, don’t get carried away and miss the heavenly train.

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