There is a part of us that eternally lives. This eternal part of us is often not remembered. However, if eternity will occupy our hearts, the eternal part of us will no longer be neglected but brought before us.

In the words of Jesus it is crystal clear that nothing can we give in exchange for the eternal part of our existence. Esau begged for Isaac’s blessing but could not get it because he exchanged it for mere porridge. The insatiable quest for wealth, power, fame, beauty and any other thing that gives the glory of the world has constantly made a lot of people lose the eternal part of them.

The human soul has no end in existence. It’s either it continues it’s existence in Heaven eternally or it lives forever in Hades. Our choice of physical existence in virtue or vice determines our choice of place in the light eternal existence in soul; heaven or hell. May God help us in making the right choice of place of eternal existence with relation to the eternal part of us.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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