A student once committed an offence anyone would least imagine! As the class prefect, she usually assisted her class teacher with the recording of exam scores. In her class was a student she was competing with academically.

She stole an answer sheet from the class teacher’s desk, tore and discarded the anwser sheet of the other student I aforementioned and anwsered wrongly on the fresh anwser sheet in such a way that the other student failed woefully! Can you imagine such an attrocity! The feeling of envy is often the feeling of jealousy. Envy is a reaction to lacking something while jealousy is a reaction to losing something. An envious person is simultaneously a jealous person. One often wonders why a brother would kill a brother, a sister would hate a sister and a friend would betray a friend!

How could Cain be so heartless and blind as to kill Abel his brother? Let me tell you what I have observed concerning envy and jeolousy: “Envy” and “Jeolousy” block the heart and blind the eyes. Thus, once the heart is blocked and eyes blinded, a human being becomes a wolf to his or her neighbour.

Envy and jeolousy has killed relationships, ruined families and destroyed societies. The spirit of envy and jeolousy is completely devilish! All and sundry must decide to do away with such evil spirits!

Fr Augustine Abiagom, CM.

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