Why is the symbol of the heart used for love and not any other part of the exterior or internal organ of the human body? In my understanding, love primarily flows from the heart. Sympathy cannot be explained outside the heart. However, a loving heart requires a corresponding action of love for it’s perfection. It is not enough to sympathize with someone unless the sympathy leads to empathy. To sympathize is to feel with … while to empathize is to experience with.

In the great words St. Vincent De Paul; “When sympathy breaks our heart, we must allow it open our hands.” Jesus saw the hungry multitude and was broken at heart and sought to feed them. The broken heart produced five loaves of bread and two fish which miraculously fed more the five thousand men not counting women and children with alot of remnants left. Whenever our hearts are touched when we see the poor, we must allow it open our hands for the miracle of love to be manifested.

Have a beautiful weekend and remain blessed in the Lord.


Fr. Augustine Abiagom, CM

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