Judas’ Kiss, what kind of kiss was it? The prostitute who covered the feet of Jesus with Kisses, what kind of Kisses were that? Our relationship with Jesus Christ could either be the ‘Judas’ Kiss’ or the ‘Wanton’s Kiss’.

Can you imagine the possibility of a prostitute’s kiss being of moral worth than the kiss of Judas, a disciple of Christ? ‘Judas’ Kiss’ was a kiss of hate and rebellion. The ‘Wanton’s Kiss’ was a kiss of love and wilful surrender.

The feet of Jesus has the holes of nail. One who has not truly surrendered would prefer to kiss a feet without scars of wound. Only a kiss of wilful surrender would kiss the feet with the holes of nail.

In our journey with Christ, the hard way may very often surface. We are not to run away, but give a kiss of wilful surrender by saying; Lord, not my will but your will be done.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm


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