Isaac asked Abraham for the lamb of sacrifice as they had climbed the mountain without one. Abraham replied that “God would provide”. Nevertheless, following the story in (Genesis 22) a ram caught by its horn in the bush was used for the sacrifice not a lamb.

However, the words of Abraham with relation to the question of Isaac did not fall to the ground as the Lamb of God was indeed provided.John the Baptist pointed at the Lamb of God and revealed His mission. The precious and innocent of Lamb of God alone takes away the sins of the world.

As Isaac climbed the mountain with the fire wood for the sacrifice of which he could have been the victim, Christ climbed the rigorous hills of Calvary with the wood of the cross and was the victim. Isaac was not sacrificed because Jesus would be sacrificed. Jesus Christ has been sacrificed! God did not spare His only begotten Son but lovingly gave Him up to be the victim for our salvation.

The Lamb of God is the fullest expression of God’s love to the world. May we not only behold the Lamb of God but surrender our lives to the Lamb of God so precious and innocent who took our place and died in our stead.


–Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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