Top on the list of the most violent prisons in the world is the Rikers Island Prison.
Imagine to find oneself in such a prison without hope for release.

To be deprived of freedom or to be enslaved is a situation every rational person dreads. I announce to you today a prison worst than the Rikers Island Prison.
A prison that is a yoke and a bondage.
A prison that ruins its inmates and stuffs out life from them.
Many who walk and live free are in this prison without knowing.
To be free from the prison about to be revealed, a spotless and umblemished lamb was slain.

Nevertheless, the death of the aforesaid lamb has not meant much to many in the world and explains why the worst prison keeps expanding, creating room for more inmates.

The worst prison is SIN. Jesus died on the cross to free you and me from the prison of sin. What excuse can we give to justify our living in the prison of sin when Christ already shed His precious blood on the cross of Calvary for us?

This is a call to repentance unto holiness without which we shall remain incarcerated in the worst prison; the prison of sin. May God help us.
–Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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