Living with a Lion

A Lion is different from a Dog. While a dog is domestic; a lion is wild. Most of us today prefer to live with lions instead of dogs. Which do you prefer?

A certain hunter went hunting on a special day intent for a good hunt. Working hard through the night without success; he decided to continue hunting at dawn. Suddenly, a cub ‘the offspring of Lion’ walked across his path’; he hunted it alive and left for home.

On reaching home, his wife, only son, and neighbours urged him to take the cub back to the forest but he was adamant. The hunter instead, constructed a cage for the cub and fed it daily with the flesh of sheep and goat until the cub became a big lion.

One day, the hunter traveled and was away for seven days. No one else had the courage to go near the lion’s cage let alone feed it. The lion having starved of food for seven days became furious.

Remembering it was no dog that could easily be domesticated, it destroyed the cage and came out of it. The first persons it saw were the hunter’s wife and only son. It pounced on them and devoured them.

Arriving not long afterwards with a sheep and a goat for the lion, knowing it had really starved; the hunter himself met with death at the hands of the lion he reared.

He was warned but he did not listen! Sin is a Lion! The more it is entertained, the more deadly it becomes. Are we living with cubs? God calls us through this reflection to take the cub back to the forest before it becomes a big lion capable of devouring us.

-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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