Have heard some people say they prefer to be single than having anything to do with a man or a woman in this life in the name of having a relationship talkless of marriage.

Rather than the experience of love, the experience of hate identifies the relationship of many a people.

It is sad to see or hear two persons in a relationship that should be loving turn their back against each other in hate. Many are in relationships that make them live in tears and regret all day long. What is the essence of a relationship between a man and a woman? Why should people say Yes to each other only to live in No?

Valentine’s day is a day lovers anticipate to express their love for each other more concretely.

The love that has been in existence is the love that is shared on Valentine’s day and not the love that has never been there. Valentine’s day celebration does not remind us of love determined by cash, sex, beauty, fame, wealth, royalty, power, intelligence or anything fleeting. It reminds us rather of love determined by love which is patient, kind, understanding, respectful, forgiving and generous.

My love to all affianced and married couples in the world.

My love to you my friend.

Happy Val!


–Fr Abiagom Augustine cm.

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