MARRIAGE OF PAIN: WHY? ( A must read for married couples).

MARRIAGE OF PAIN: WHY? ( A must read for married couples).

Marriage is not by force! Why should a man and a woman agree to enter into a matrimonial covenant for a period of a lifetime only to live a marriage of hell? Today, alot of married women and men live in regret and tears of ever getting married to their better halves (husbands or wives).

Why should a married man do nothing but make his wife live below the human level? No kind words but insults. No gifts but destruction of little belongings she has. No congugal relationship in sincere appreciation/mutual understanding but rape and brutality. A minute of time to be spent with her often considered too much and unnecessary. Cheating on her even to the point of going to her maid. Her joy is your bitterness and her sorrow your joy… Mr husband but Why???

Why should a woman agree to marry a man only to become a fish bone on his neck? He provides money but never eats a good meal. Never lives in a clean home. Denied conjugal union over every little thing. Insulted at every instance. Continuos demand even when he does not have. Making him reluctant of coming home because of continuos nagging. You cheat on him even to point of going to his boys. His peace is your trouble and his trouble your peace… Mrs wife but why???

Please, if you are such a husband or wife, it is high time you repented and become the husband or wife you vowed to be before the altar of God. Here is a call to make marriage beautiful! The pain should end! May God bless marriages with love and peace.

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Fr. Abiagom Augustine, CM


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