In my few years of ministry as a Roman Catholic Priest, I have met with people at different mission fields whom broken by sin, threw this question at me; “Father, can/would God still forgive me?”. Have we ever asked the above question? Are we at this moment asking the above question?

From experience, we ask the above question when we feel we have committed a sin or sins we consider beyond mercy. What have you done wrong brother? What is your offense sister? What are my sins? Perhaps we have been so crushed by the weight of our sins for several years and our eyes are now closed to the mercy seat of God. 
Have we resolved to remain slaves to the sins that keep us in chains thinking we have journeyed too long with it and cannot retrace our steps back home? The prodigal son decided to return home to plead to be accepted as one of the hired paid servant of his father.

However, on reaching home, his father received him as a prince. Unless we return home, we shall not know how boundless is God’s mercy upon those who repent sincerely from their sins. When should we return home? Today! Now! is the acceptable time to be reconciled to God and to one another as tomorrow may just be too late. The mercy seat remains visible to those who hunger for righteousness while they still breathe.

God’s love is stronger than our sins and God’s mercy is boundless!

May God help us to return to His mercy today!
Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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