PLACE OF SAFETY: A Reflection on the Hurricane Maria

PLACE OF SAFETY: A Reflection on the Hurricane Maria

On the face of every child is the desire for a place of safety. No matter how old one has become, the designation, ‘CHILD’ still applies to one; since each person is either a son or daughter of a man and a woman.

Insecurity is indubitably a major challenge in the world today. In recent times, acts of terrorism has succeeded even in some areas of the most “secured” nations in the world. The security of nations has proven to be useless in the face of natural disasters; hurricane, tsunami, land slide, earthquake, etc.

The look on the eyes of a young lady I saw on television whose family house was destroyed by the “Hurricane Maria” could be interpreted as asking the question; “where then is the place of safety?” Can you tell me where I can go in this world of clay to lie down for sleep to come at once? Where is the place of safety?

I have discovered that only God can lead us to the place of safety. The place of safety is the place of “faith” which is a supernatural gift of God. Therefore, I pray that we may not lose faith even when the stars begin to fall from the heavens.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, CM.

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