One of the soul’s faculty is the Memory. It is the faculty through which the mind stores and remembers information. The loss of memory could be likened to a vegetative existence.

“I remember when I was a soldier” was the title of one of the songs we sang very often as we match into the classroom from the assembly ground in my primary school days. Remembering is vital to our daily living.

The inability to remember contributes in no small measure to the problems rocking the world’s boat in so many directions. We often forget what we should remember and remember what we should forget.

Shall we forget God because the going is rough or smooth? Shall we forget the sacredness of human life because of religious beliefs and practices?

Shall we forget home because of green pastures in foreign land? Shall we forget brotherhood, sisterhood and friendship because of nationality and tribe, status and wealth? Those we met while going up shall we forget them thinking we need them no more?

May we not be reminded what we shouldn’t have forgotten on the day of judgement when many would wish they had remembered what they forgot.

Remember me in goodness as I remember you in same.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm


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