We sometimes find it difficult to say ‘SORRY’ especially when we strongly feel we have done nothing wrong.

Relationships have been severally ruined because parties involved see no need to saying a sincere ‘SORRY’ and move on.

Have you ever had to say you are SORRY?
Is it always difficult for you to apologize?
Does rendering apology suggest weakness?
The one who apologizes and the one who never does, who is stronger?

‘I am SORRY’ is an expression that ensures continuos peaceful co-existence in human and divine relationship as well as in the human and human relationship.

When we apologize, it does necessarily imply that we are in the wrong and the other party is in the right.
Our apology most often shows our value for a relationship over our ego.
Dear, go ahead to sincerely say ‘you are SORRY’ and restore a good relationship that is at the verge of a ruin as a result of ‘EGO’.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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