BEGINNING OF THE END: A December reflection and prayer.

BEGINNING OF THE END: A December reflection and prayer.

Do you realize there is always a beginning to every end? Do you acknowledge that beginning of the end of a journey is no less important as the beginning of the journey itself? Where lies the joy of beginning well without ending well? The beginning of the end of any journey in life anticipated to end in testimony requires reflection. The voyager has to think of when, where and how he or she commenced the voyage. Such reflection with relation to his or her journey would open the book of decision to him or her.

The opened book of decision would place before him or her the choice to end well or badly. On a day like this, the book of decision would be opened before us if we reflect in light of the direction given above.

In God’s mind, the opened book of decision is meant to help us make the choice of life and not death. The choice of life in the beginning of this end include: prayer, honest labour, patience, carefulness, reconciliation and celebration in light of love God and neighbour.

May this month be blissful for us. May God protect us. May we witness the new year in good state of mind and body. Happy new month dear one!

Fr. Augustine Abiagom CM

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