Everything about God endures forever. Before the beginning God was. What has no beginning certainly can have no end. Something woke with me the early hours of this morning; the thoughts of the mercy of God.
I have known the Father’s care for us. God’s love expressed in His mercy towards us has been good. Through it all God has been always there for us. Through the storm, through the night, come what may, I am sure everything would be alright whether in life or in death.
Imagine that air were to be taken from us or the waters of the earth were to be no more. Imagine that the sun and the moon were to refuse to give out their lights. Imagine that the trees were to refuse to bear fruits and the lands produce no harvest… Imagine what has been responsible for the benefits we derive from the aforementioned; air, water, light and land.
As long as dusk turns to dawn, as long as the river continues to empty into the sea, the sea into the ocean and as long as the sun rises and shines, your mercy o Lord will never fail.
Dear, know this truth and never forget it; God has loved you and me with an everlasting love.

-Fr. Augustine Abiagom

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