When we say we trust, what do we really mean? Lots of relationships both on the vertical and horizontal planes go sour as a result of lack of trust. Good relationship will be an illusion without trust.

Can one acknowledge the sun even when it will not shine? Can one let go of the cliff when the voice of the Lord says so and yet the hands of the Lord to safeguard one is not seen?

Can a husband or a wife be at ease and not smell a rat when the better half eulogizes and smiles with another woman or man lovingly? How many children will return home with their fathers from the mountain where they were almost sacrificed by their fathers if they were to be Isaac the son of Abraham?

The three Hebrew sons in the third chapter of the book of Daniel told the Nebuchadnezzar they will not worship the image he has set up whether or not God saves them from the fiery furnace. Trust is to believe in what one believes despite innumerable reasons to doubt what one believes.

Have a great week by building trust.
Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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