Apart from being a Christian, there are aspects of Christian doctrines I’m not comfortable with. I’ve taken my time to meditate on some of the scriptures with firm hope I’d get an immediate answer just like I always think. But I often get a reverse. I get delayed and get stocked at some point I disbelief all the belief I’ve ever had.

One bad aspect of my Christian life, is the lack of patience. I do assure my self that hence a Christian lives a life of purity and righteousness, there shouldn’t be any hindrance to whatever he or she desires. But on another platform, I’ve duly observed that to get what you want, you really need to try once more, again and all over. That’s crazy right? Me too I sensed it that way.

My dear father told me that before he had his application considered as a master’s degree holder in one the polytechnics, he had to reapply, not only that, he had to go with his legs to inquire the reasons behind the late response to his application. He begged, he knelt down, he had to burn extra time and energy to see he got what in every merit he deserves. It sounds ridiculous and wearied. Isn’t it? I too saw the whole thing as misplacement of preference.

I know of a woman who all through her life, had dedicated her interest to the things of God. She’s such a type, I could call a pious woman. She prays unceasingly, fast and even give alms. But in her struggle to do all these, she couldn’t stop her husband from being a drunkard. It came to a point she had to turn her prayers to questions. She wants to know what had became a block to her unwavering faith. She really wants to know where she had faulted that she swallow tears all through the night. Her worries lingered to a period, she stopped praying. It would look so stupid? If I were her, I’d not but do as she has done.

Have you ever imagined in your life, that your life is saddled with difficulties you can only overcome with kneeling down to pray? Have you not known that to become a Christian, you must learn how to endure certain hardships that’d come your way? Do you know that your hundred times you’ve prayed, weren’t ignored by God? So you never knew that to become an authentic Christian, you must be like the widow who kept on disturbing the judge to grant her justice among her adversary? Yes, you ought to know once more that when you see prayer as a ritualistic celebration, you tend to forget that there’s slight similarity between ritual and routine. When you see that prayer is as you take your everyday meal, you’d come to understand that something that should be a routine, supposed not to be celebrated. It becomes a custom and culture that your habit of prayer needed perseverance and principle of invariability.

In every thing you do as a human, you need to have sacrificed so well. Every gift has a cross. Failure in what you do, is a pure significance of success. When you imagine that every success has no thorn, then you need to also know that your life is limited to an average success. (If there’s anything like that). When you fail to try again, you’d definitely try to fail flat. When you continue to avoid failure in your prayer life, be aware you would continue to experience delay. Before the Israelites were able to triumph, someone like Moses had to sacrifice. When the Amalekites had victory over the Israelites, it was when they felt that their human power can afford success. That spurred them into holding firm to prayer. It was that same period that they had to bring a support to Moses’s hands.
When you face people of Amalek, in your way to peaceful home and successful carriers, learn to win with principle of consistence. No matter how many times you’ve tried, God wants to see you try once more.

-Princewell Okwuoha

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