‘Listen to my story’ is an appeal in the air in every society. Dear, have you cared to listen to his/her story? Perhaps if you had listened, you would have understood better why he or she is this way or that way.

Some many people have pathetic stories of their lives to tell. But it hurts really bad when no one is ready to listen. Listening to others story is an attitude of love. Will you listen to my story today?

As a priest, have had privileges to listen to the stories of many people. I have understood consequently that its not right to sit or stand at a distance to criticize and condemn others.

If you listen to my story, you will probably not condemn me but set me free as did Jesus to the adulterous woman.

Call him or her today and say; ‘pls tell me your story.’


-Fr. Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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