Do you have a friend?

Do you trust your friend?

Does your friend’s countenance express joy when you are making good progress?

Does your friend’s countenance reflect contentment when you are broken?

Do you think your friend will be ready to die for you?

What do you think would be the responses of your friend when asked these same questions?

No one is an Island explains why true friendship is indispensable for a life worth living. However,true friendship is as scare as gold in the world. O how badly it hurts when betrayed by a “trusted friend”! There are people who prefer to live with dogs and cats than with fellow humans sequel of hurtful experiences they have had from keeping friendly relationships.

Can we be real in the friendly relationships we keep? Can we be true and faithful? Why should we withdraw when our friends are in trouble only to draw near when their troubles are over?

Why should we look down on them when we are highly placed only to hold them in high esteem when we are brought low? If we would make the world a better place for us, we must endeavour to build our friendly relationships on honesty, faithfulness and love founded on godliness.


–Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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