Overcoming Self-Esteem Issues

Low self-esteem entails feeling anxious when we feel we are not good enough. It usually occurs when someone talks about our flaws, or when someone who we feel is richer, or prettier, or more learned comes along. The anxiety occurs because we feel so exposed; as the facade we all put on to cover our flaws and insecurities have been removed. Removed either because someone said a bitter truth about us, or because we come across someone who looks so perfect that they make us feel invisible.

While some who feel this way are wise and discreet enough to conceal their anxiety and get over it quickly, others instinctively, become so defensive; they start to talk too much or start to brag about events that probably never happened, answering questions that nobody asked them about in the first.

A third group of people however, neither become defensive nor get over it. Rather, they allow this feeling of low self-esteem to build up into jealousy and anger. They start attacking the other by either fueling gossip about them or by making insulting comments to the person. All so that he would feel better.

As Christians, we should try as much as we can to develop a child-like attitude. The attitude of a child when she sees someone looking glamorous isn’t to start feeling ashamed, or to start comparing each other. Her attitude would be to look up in awe at this glamorous person and appreciate her. What is there to be ashamed of anyway?

We all need to understand that everyone has flaws, although some appear wonderful, truth is they have one or two imperfect issues that they are struggling with. No one is perfect. So stop comparing yourself with others and just learn to appreciate them.



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