My soul looks up to thee that man of Calvary

My soul looks up to thee that man of Calvary,

When I remember your goodness to me o Lord, my soul is overwhelmed. You have treated me like your own and have carried me like your child.

All through this journey, not once was I worthy, yet you loved me!

O my sweet Jesus, teach me to be worthy, teach me to give you the love that you deserve. Teach me to be deserving of all the love you shed for me on Calvary.

My heart is weary from failing to please you. I’m afraid for myself whenever I fall into sin because I am nothing without you.

Without your holy grace, I am like a tiny ant in the forest filled with wide beasts and giants who would definitely trample on me.

Dearest Lord, I’m sorry for the many times that I have sinned. I promise to be true to you and to love you like my spouse. You are my spouse.

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