Have you ever been in a situation of hearing several voices? Do you know that hearing is different from listening? One could hear lots of voices but listen to a few or a voice. Which voice should one not only hear but listen as well?

In the world, there are lots of voices. Often, we listen to voices we always hear. Today, there are the voices of fear, hate, unforgiveness, revenge, divorce, fraud, lust, disobedience, rebellion, betrayal, denial, greed, division, war, pride, brutality, murder … However, there is ‘the voice’ in voices which all and sundry should listen to.

The voice in voices is the voice of love. The voice of love is the voice of God. Satan’s voice is always noisy and always false. In the world we will always hear voices but should only endeavour to listen the voice; quiet and true.


Fr. Abiagom Augustine CM 

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