HOW COULD I ASK FOR MORE? (A Reflection on my 3rd Priestly anniversary).

(A Reflection on my 3rd Priestly anniversary).

When a servant is welcomed to sit at table with his Lord, what more can he ask for? When a sinner opens the door of his or her home and sees Jesus Christ standing at the door ready to be a guest, of what more can he or she ask? When a mortal through few words of prayer with bodily gestures of faith invoke the Holy Spirit upon bread and wine and it becomes the body and blood of Christ, what more can the mortal ask for? What more can a mortal request when through the lifting of a hand with some few words of prayer over a penitent; sinners become saints, what more request could the mortal make?

Some decades ago while I was a growing lad, I never knew I would one day be a servant of the Most High God. I never knew I would be called and ordained a priest of God in the one, Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It’s just three years of ministry though but the priviledge of been a priest for a single day is a grace and no one can claim any credit. Who am I to serve God and His Church these three years of ministry?

Thank you Lord for calling me. Thank you Church for ordaining me. Thank you my parents for not refusing letting me anwser God’s call. Thank you my brothers, sisters, friends and relative for supporting me.

Please pray for Frs Peter Ezenwa cm, Kevin Okonkwo cm, Richard Igbangi cm, Kenneth Eze cm, Emmanuel Nwaloka cm and Augustine Abiagom cm who mark today their 3rd priestly anniversary.

How could I ask for more when You o Lord has done so much for me!

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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