Not everyone would take the risk of contracting a vast transaction. Perhaps, the transaction may fail and one loses a treasure that costs a fortune.

But if you do take the risk of a vast transaction and it does not fail, your life will be like a watered garden. The man of Galilee contracted the vast transaction on the hills of Calvary silhouetted on the Cross, the hall of the greatest transaction.

The purse of Jesus was unfastened on the cross and a huge some that cannot be counted was brought out and used for the transaction. The purse of Jesus on the cross was his heart that was pierced with a lance and blood and water gushed forth. He said ‘it is finished’ before his sacred heart was pierced. The vast transaction explains our freedom from sin and death.

The vast transaction, the transaction I will never forget; the prize that was paid for humanity’s salvation. The vast transaction, the prize of innocent blood.

In everything we do, may we not lose sight of the vast transaction of Calvary (Amen).

Have a blessed week.


-Fr Augustine Abiagom cm

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